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2014 04-10

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue134 / August 2013)


Laws & Regulations Update

?SASAC and CSRC Jointly Print and Distribute the Guiding Opinions on Promoting State-owned Shareholders and Their Controlled Listed Companies to Settle Horizontal Competition and Standardize Related-party Transaction and Answer to Reports’ Requests

?SAFE Releases Administrative Provisions on Foreign Exchange of Overseas Securities investment of Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors

?NDRC Releases Circular on Further Improving Issuance of Enterprise Bonds

?Standing Committee of National People’s Congress Adopts Decision on Authorizing the State Council to Temporarily Adjust Administrative Examination and Approval of Relevant Laws in China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone

?Standing Committee of National People’s Congress Adopts the Revised Trademark Law

Grandall Special Report

?Whether a rescission without corresponding right can apply to the Article 24 of Interpretation of Contract Law (II)

Media Selection

?Current Status of and Resolutions to the Problems Brought by the Dispute arising from the Representation Right of a Company

Case Study

?Determination on the Place of Contract Performance in the Dispute arising from Shopping through Alipay

?Identification of Liability for Satisfaction after the Change of Investor

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest

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