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2014 04-10

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 138 / December 2013)


Laws & Regulations Update

?CSRC and the Ministry of Finance Release the Rules for Information Disclosure and Compilation of Companies Offering Securities Publicly No. 21 - General Provisions on the Annual Internal Control Evaluation Report

?CSRC Releases the Guidelines for Supervision of Listed Companies No.4--Undertakings of and Performance of Undertakings by Actual Controllers, Shareholders, Affiliated Parties, Purchasers of Listed Companies and Listed Companies

?CSRC Releases Guidelines for the Disclosure of Main Financial Information and Business Operation Information after the Audit Deadline of Financial Statements in Prospectuses of Companies after Initial Public Offering and Listing, and Guideline for the Disclosure of Information Related to Profitability in Prospectuses of Companies after Initial Public Offering and Listing

?The State Council Releases its Decision on Issues Concerning National Equities Exchange and Quotations

?The State Council Releases its Decision on Temporarily Adjusting Relevant Administrative Regulations and Administrative Approval or Special Administrative Measures on Foreign Investment Access Provided in Documents the State Council in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Grandall Special Report

?Declaration of Business Concentration Involved in the Capital Operation of Listed Companies – Status Quo, Issues and Advices

Media Selection

?Influence Brought by the Pilot Free Trade Zone on the Protection of Intellectual Property and the Judicial Countermeasures Thereof

Case Study

?Distinction between Co-exist and Exempted Debt Obligations

?Judging Whether a Trademark is a Common Name of Commodities

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Business Digest

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