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2015 08-1

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 157/ July 2015)


Laws & Regulations Update

■ The People’s Bank of China and Other 9 Regulatory Authorities Released the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of Internet Finance

■ The General Office of the State Council Released Opinions on Promoting the Steady Growth in Imports and Exports

■ The Supreme People’s Court Promulgated the Provisions of Several Issues concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Private Lending Cases

Grandall Special Report

■ Criminal Risks of Credit Business in Civil Financing Innovations

■ Replacing the License with Registration System: New Taxi Management in Internet Era

■ Discussion and Analysis of the Minimum Returns Committed by Majority Shareholders of a Public Company in Private Additional Offering

■ Brief Discussion on the Prevention of and Countermeasures for Labor Disputes of Foreign-funded Enterprises

Media Selection

■ Analysis on the Validity of Transfer Contracts Made without Mortgagee’s Consent

Case Study 

■ Determination of Defective Equity Transfer without Clear Pricing Terms

■ Liability for Original Secured Debts after Transfer of A Sole Proprietorship

■ Leaseback Transaction with High Value but Low Selling Price Should be Deemed as Financial Lease

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest

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