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2016 01-4

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition( Issue 162 / December 2015)


Laws & Regulations Update

■ The State Council Released Several Opinions on Accelerating Implementation of Free Trade Zone Strategy

■ Shanghai Stock Exchange Issued the Guidelines for Confirming the Listing Conditions for Privately-Offered Corporate Bonds

■ The Ministry of Environmental Protection and the National Development and Reform Commission Released Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Enterprise Environmental Credit System

Grandall Special Report

■ Termination of Contract in Case of Inconformity between Documents and L/C

■ Where Should Split Financial Products Sold on Internet Financial Platform Go?

■ Dilemma in the Crime of Illegal Transfer and Sale of Land Use Right

■ How to Initiate an Intellectual-Property Lawsuit in China - Tactics

■ Rules of Capital and Love - “Game Clause” Created After “Tudou Clause”

Media Selection

■ Top 6 Development Trend on “Dispute Resolution Mechanism of Internet Plus”

■ Necessity of Pre-control in Lawsuit Regarding Alternation of Real Right

■ Improvements of Interconnection between Enforcement and Bankruptcy Proceeding

Case Study 

■ Validity of Brokerage Contract and Determination of Brokerage Fee in Case of Partial Invalidity of the Underlying Target Contract

■ Objection to Execution of Property Preservation and Relevant Action to be Raised or Filed by A Person Not Involved in the Case

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest

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