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2016 03-1

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 164 / February 2016)


Laws & Regulations Update

■ Eight Authorities Jointly Released the Several Opinions on Financial Support for Maintaining Industrial Growth, Adjusting Industrial Structure and Improving Industrial Efficiency

■ MOF, MOST and SASAC Released the Interim Measures for Equity and Dividend Incentives for State-owned Technology Enterprises

■ MIIT, PBC and CBRC Issued the Action Plan for Enhancing Information Sharing and Promoting Industrial and Financial Cooperation

Grandall Special Report

■ Discussions on Hot Issues Regarding Financial Crimes

■ Legal Obligations and Civil Liabilities of Media in Release of P2P Advertisement

■ Individual Income Taxes Continued to be Exempted for Additional Share Capital Converted from Capital Reserve formed by Share Premiums  

■ Research on Overseas Investors – From the Perspective of the “Belt and Road”

■ Regulatory Logic of Legal Opinions Related to Private Placement – the Examination Subjects and Countermeasures

Media Selection

■ Judicial Examination on Financial Innovations

■ Legal Issues and Solutions Regarding Pledge of Trust Beneficiary Right

Case Study 

■ Shareholders’ Contribution Obligations Subject to Actual Agreement

■ Strict Examination of Private Lending and Correct Identification of Malicious Lawsuits

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest



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