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2016 05-6

GRANDALL LEGAL STUDIES--Company & Securites Edition(Issue 166/ April 2016)


Laws & Regulations Update

■ MOF & SAT Released the Circular on Comprehensively Promoting the Pilot Program of the Collection of Value-added Tax in Lieu of Business Tax

■ CBRC, MOST & PBC Released the Guiding Opinions on Supporting Banking Financial Institutions in Intensifying Innovation and Carrying out the Pilot Program of the Linkage between Investments in and Loans for Technology-based Innovative and Start-up Enterprises

■ CSRC Released the Revised Administrative Measures for the Securities Investor Protection Fund

Grandall Special Report

■ Key Points of Patent Due Diligence in M&A

■ Supervisory Responsibilities of AMAC and the Development of Regulatory Requirements on Private Funds

■ Telecom Business Qualification of Internet E-commerce Platform

■ Discussion on the Application Principles for Inheritance of International Real Properties by Will

■ Analysis on the Judicial Interpretation of the Crime of Corruption and Bribery

Media Selection

■ Legal Effect of Exercise of Preemptive Right by Co-owner

Case Study 

■ How to Deal with the Case that A Shareholder Acquires Controlling Stake after Being Sued by the Company

■ Determination on the Conversion from Partnership Debt to Personal Debt and Relevant Liability Bearing

Latest Laws Express

Business Digest

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