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Practice Areas

  • Capital Markets
  • Corporation Operation

Professional experience

  • Advising many companies in corporate reform and equity financing projects, including Zhejiang Urban Construction Design Group Co. Limited, Zhe Jiang Supercreator Technology Co. LTD, Beijing Hezong Science and Technology Co. LTD. and Rayspower Energy Group Co., Ltd.;
  • Advising North Associated Electricity Co.LTD in its short-term financing bonds of 2007 and 2008;
  • Offering legal service to many funds agencies, including China Asset Management Co., Ltd., Changsheng Fund Management Co. Ltd.,
  • Security Investment fund raising of Changsheng Fund Management Co. Ltd., Yimin Asset Management Co. Ltd., 1st and 2nd operating mode conversion of closed-end funds in China respectively;

Work experience

  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Beijing)
  • Associate, Grandall Law Firm (Beijing)


  • PH.D., The Institute for Fiscal Science Research, Ministry of Finance of P.R.China
  • LL.M, Sichuan University


  • Chinese /English

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