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Practice Areas

  • Corporation Operation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Real Estate

Professional experience

  • Acting as legal counsel to dozens of companies, including Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Science, Chengdu Media Investment Co., Ltd., Sichuan Electric Power Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.;
  • Representing in some criminal litigation cases with great impacts and assisting clients in obtaining favorable judgment, including Hu Dengju murder case and Zuo Bingyi murder case;
  • Offering legal service in a construction project with the subject over RMB 100 million which was entrusted by Sichuan government and having drawn considerable praises from clients;
  • Advising Zhejiang Zhongcheng Construction Group in its claim for credits against several companies;
  • Advising a sub-branch of Bank of Communications in its re-purchase dispute against a bank in Shandong province and avoiding financial loss in an amount of RMB 80 million;
  • As the CPPCC member of Sichuan Province, having submitted more than 60 proposals and several investigation reports regarding the improvement of legal environment, and some of which have been selected as excellent proposals by the CPPCC.

Work experience

  • Partner, Grandall Law Firm (Chengdu)
  • Chief Partner, Dingli Law Firm
  • Associate, Sichuan Province Law Firm


  • M.A., Sichuan University

Industry part-time

  • Vice President, Sichuan Bar Association
  • Executive member, ACLA
  • Member, 12th Committee of CPPCC
  • Member, Standing Committee of Sichuan Province General Chamber of Commerce
  • Guest Supervisor, Ministry of Public Security
  • Guest Supervisor, Public Security Department of Sichuan Province
  • Guest Mediator, Superior People’s Court of Sichuan Province
  • Executive Member, Legal Documents Study of China Law Society
  • Deputy Director, Jurisprudence Study of Sichuan Law Society
  • Arbitrator, Chengdu Arbitration Commission
  • Executive Member, Sichuan Audit Society

Title of honor

  • Outstanding Lawyer in 2012
  • Outstanding Expert in 2007, by Sichuan Municipal Government
  • 2nd Award in 2011, by Justice Department of Sichuan Province
  • Outstanding Lawyer in 2004, by Justice Department of Sichuan Province
  • Model in 2002, by Justice Department and Human Resource Department of Sichuan Province
  • Model of National Legal Aids, by Minister of Justice
  • TOP 10 Youth in 2001


  • Chinese/English

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