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  • Edu:J.D.
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  • Address:Paris
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  • Fax:+33 1 58 44 92 58
Practice Areas

  • Corporation Operation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Foreign Investment
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Trade

Professional experience

  • Advising a Chinese high-tech company in its M&A project in France;
  • Offering legal service in Air France’s acquisition of Royal Dutch Airlines and the merger of Schneider Electric and Legrand;
  • Advising a France international company in its energy project acquisition in Africa;
  • Advising the largest French bank in its acquisition of a real estate company;
  • Advising a media group in North America in its acquisition of a movie making company in France;
  • Advising a Chinese state-owned bank in its acquisition of a commercial bank in France;
  • Advising a Sino-invested company in its acquisition of French pharm enterprise;
  • Advising a Chinese company in its acquisition of a French company in heavy industry;
  • Advising a Chinese nuclear power group in its cooperation with a leading company in western Europe;
  • Advising many green energy companies in their investment in solar power and wind power plant in western Europe;
  • Acting as chief overseas lawyer in a national energy investment in Africa;
  • Advising a Chinese listed company in its long-term wine dealings;
  • Advising a state-owned enterprise in its real estate development project in France;
  • Advising a Taiwan-invested company in its incorporation of a subsidiary in Europe;
  • Representing a Chinese overseas construction group in its ICC arbitration case against a machinery manufacturer in western Europe;
  • Representing a Chinese international company in its IPR litigation against the largest retail channel in Europe;
  • Advising a Chinese company in its real estate-related tax matters in France;
  • Representing a Chinese company in IPR litigation before French court;
  • Advising many Chinese banks and financial agencies in their incorporation of branches in France;
  • Advising some Chinese companies in their bankruptcy filings and assets acquisition, etc.

Work experience

  • Legal Department of EU
  • Associate, Law Firms in Paris and Beijing
  • Construction Bank of China (HQ)
  • Director, Legal Department of Huawei Technologies Western Europe


  • J.D., Université Paris 1
  • M.A. in Economics, Renmin University of China
  • LL.M., Université Paris 1
  • M.A. in Management, ESSEC Business School

Industry part-time

  • Director, Association of Chinese Lawyers in France
  • Director, European Alumni Association of Renmin University of China
  • Deputy Director, Chinese Laws and Economics Study Institute in France
  • Guest Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Guest Professor, Economics Law Research Center of Renmin University of China

Academic achievements

  • Le Droit financier et bacaire de Chine (2004)
  • Le Droit chinois des entreprises à investissement étranger
  • Droit chinois des entreprises à l’épreuve de la mondialisation
  • Chinese Investment in the EU & National Security Reviews: The EU Legal Regime about to Follow the US Model, Frontiers of Law in China,VOL. 9 NO. 1, etc.


  • Chinese /French /English

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