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Practice Areas

    Professional experience

    • Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited (listing on NASDAQ), Sifang Holdings Co., Ltd. (Backdoor listing on US market);
    • Lianhua Supermarket Holdings Co., Ltd. (increase of H-share issuance);
    • Chaoda Modern Agriculture (Holdings) Limited (HK0682) listing;
    • Shine Software (Holding) Limited (HK8270) listing;
    • Stone Group Holdings Limited (HK409) purchase of marketing network Goldpartner and “Naobaijin”

    Work experience


      • LL.M., East China University of Political Science and Law;
      • LL.B., East China University of Political Science and Law

      Academic achievements

      • Legal Study on Co-construction in Real Estate Development;
      • Study on Corporate Trusteeship;
      • Several Legal Issues on Capital Operation of Education Industry;
      • Analysis Report on the Time of No Comment Letter


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