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2018 03-22

Beijing Yingke Law Firm

Beijing Yingke Law Firm (“Yingke”) is the largest law firm in China capable of offering global legal services. Headquartered in Beijing, with 7070 lawyers in July , 2017and 42 offices in the mainland China, Yingke has largest number of lawyers in the Asia-Pacific area. It’s global legal service institution which has covered 89 international cities of 42 oversea countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia,France and so on.

Beijing Yingke (Chengdu)Law Firm(Chengdu Office), which is one of the 42 branch offices , was founded by Beijing Yingke Law Firm in December 2010. With about 200 staff, including over 156 lawyers, Chengdu Office can offer legal service concerning international trade, oversees investment, international taxation, enterprise governance, capital securitization, private equity, acquisition, intellectual property rights, real estates, environmental protection and criminal laws. In order to offer professional legal services, Chengdu office has established more than 20 law professional departments.



Global offices: Group Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Guangzhou Kunming Tianjin Chengdu Ningbo Fuzhou Xi'an Nanjing Nanning Jinan Chongqing Suzhou Changsha Taiyuan Wuhan Guiyang Urumqi Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang Hong Kong Paris Madrid Silicon Valley Stockholm
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