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2018 03-22

Tahota Law Firm

Tahota Law Firm was established on May 25th, 2000.  It is one of the leading large and full-service law firms in China and the largest law firm in mid-and-west China. Originated from western China, Tahota now has offices in Chengdu, Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jinan, Kunming, Guiyang, Lhasa, Hong Kong, Washington D.C., Seoul and Busan. Tianjin office and Xi’an office will be opened soon.

Tahota Law Firm now has more than 150 partners, 600 practicing lawyers and 1,000 employees. Most Tahota professionals graduated from renowned law schools either at home or abroad. Many of them have various professional qualifications such as securities practice qualification, qualification on delimitation of state-owned property, CPA, CTA and patent agent qualification, etc.

Tahota has nearly 20 practice groups and provides services in areas including Corporate & Business, Financial Services, Securities, Real Estate, M&A, Cross-border Investment, International Trade, Intellectual Properties, Governmental Affairs, Human Resources, Medical & Health Care, Environment & Natural Resources, criminal defenses, and reorganization & restructure

Global offices: Group Beijing Shanghai Shenzhen Hangzhou Guangzhou Kunming Tianjin Chengdu Ningbo Fuzhou Xi'an Nanjing Nanning Jinan Chongqing Suzhou Changsha Taiyuan Wuhan Guiyang Urumqi Zhengzhou Shijiazhuang Hong Kong Paris Madrid Silicon Valley Stockholm
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