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2018 03-22

S?la?zak and Partners

The Law Firm ?l?zak i Partnerzy (?l?zak and Partners) was created as a merger of two individual legal practices of Maria ?l?zak (Law Firm established in 1991) and Micha? ?l?zak.

Both partners have accumulated rich experience in providing comprehensive services to Polish and foreign business.

Our Law Firm is a member of the Irish Chamber of Commerce in Poland; for a number of years we have been assisting Irish investors in their projects. We also have rich experience in providing services to Danish investors, including investment funds, for which the Partners have been working since 1993.

The skills and the experience of the Partners and the associates of our Law Firm are confirmed, among others, by publications in specialist press for lawyers, postgraduate studies, decorations for outstanding professional achievements, membership in international legal and business organizations, the function of the arbitrator and the licence of a real estate agent.

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